Vŕšky - the first mountain brewery   
brewery vŕšky terchová
Vŕšky Beer has been born and matured in Terchová since June 2012, directly under the supervision of an experienced brewer. The top Czech technology of the mini-brewery, which is unique in Slovakia, guarantees a quality technological process. Along with the technology, the beer is completed by a distinctive personality of one of the oldest brewers in Slovakia, Mr. František, a native of Moravia.
Vŕšky brewery
The master brewer has been producing beer for a 40 years and he mixes his experience not only from Slovakia, but also from well-known foreign breweries.
First awarded beer
The very first beer produced of the Bavarian type, light 11th, was awarded the Golden Beer Crown at the most prestigious Slovak competition. Terchovský dark special 13-tka won the bronze Beer Crown from the competition.
Our beer for pleasure
Our Vŕšky Beer is yeasty, lively, contains a lot of vitamin B, which is necessary for life, and as they say, the right guy will show up in the second-third beer, so it is definitely in a reasonable amount suitable for pleasure, both ladies and gentlemen.
Program package with Vŕšky Beer